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Toushi Toushi

Ahhhh it's been so long!!! Gomen! I didn't mean to have such a long break between posts, it's just that life carried me away on a side stream and I only recently paddled my way back.

I hope the small few reading my journal can forgive my absence! I also hope you're doing good!

'Bleach' is good as always. I read ahead so I know what to look forward to and consequently am not watching until I get a few stacked up. The only down side to anime (compared to the manga) is that half the episodes are 'Previously on...' flashbacks. I mean, how many times were we forced to watch 'Kaien Domo' transform into a giant mutated octopus??? xD

On the plus I'm going to the Sakura Con this year! That's the first in 5 years!! Before this long break I went six years in a row, ever since it was a tiny anime convention at the Double Tree Inn and fondly called 'Baka Con'. Now it's being held at the Convention Center! It's so huge!

In preparation I read the entire 'Fruit Basket' Manga. I'd only read up to Volume 5 before and seen the anime, and I desperately didn't want to get spoiled for the end. So for a week and a half I poured through Manga Volume and got the whole deal. No spoiling for me! Dattebayo!

Two days ago I also came across another anime that is incredibly cute and impossible to resit. It's called 'Gakuen Alice' which is translated to 'Alice Academy'. I'd say it's a mix of 'Kodocha' and 'Naruto' with a dash of 'Weiss Kreuz', but even then I feel like I'm failing at properly describing it. Thus I've gone and looked up a good summary:

Alice Academy is the story of a 10-year old girl, Mikan Sakura, who is devastated when her best friend, Hotaru Imai, transfers to a special school for "genius" kids in Tokyo. After hearing horrible rumors of what happens in the Academy, Mikan runs away from home to seek out her dear friend, and finds that the school Hotaru transferred to, Alice Academy, is specifically for children who each have a special power called an "Alice". To Mikan's surprise, a teacher at Alice Academy, Narumi , discovers that she too has a unique Alice, leading to her admission into the school.The story is primarily focused on Mikan and her experiences at the Academy, from the everyday bore of classes and exams, to the unexpected clashes with the Anti-Alice Organization (AAO). Despite her initial view of the so-called greatness of the school, Mikan slowly finds out that beneath the grand facade of the Academy lies a never ending stream of lies and deception.
{Excerpt from wikipedia}

I'm up to episode 26 after only two days! You can see I have no life whatsoever. xP I'm okay with it since I've decided I'm going to marry Natsume (once he's legally old enough of course! xD)! Seriously 'Gakuen Alice' should be watched by everyone. I cried over a teddy bear. If you watch it, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Anyways I'm just about out of steam for tonight. I just wanted to make an update, so there you have it!
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Toushi Toushi
11 December 2007 @ 04:43 pm
Garbly warbly goop my computer is eating me alive! It always has to crash when I realise I haven't saved the vid program in a while. I mean, quite literally when I start to move the mouse toward that little disc icon. *makes stabby motions*

I'm glad I got THAT out of my system and I am now gonna get back to my project.

But wait! I haven't really explained the project!

It is allll about Orihime, but from Aizen's POV, and I've kinda gone and twisted the logic behind it all. I'm playing from my own personal thoughts on why she chose to go to Hueco Mondo (aka she can't get Ichigo and is looking for attention, though she doesn't realise it herself). It's REALLY fun making this vid. Believe you me.

I'm just short two or three episodes because the site I'm using to get RAW footage doesn't have anything past 120s and I need 130s and 140s. Any one out there in the land of intarweb that knows of a place I can seek shelter and get those few remaining gems? I'd forever be in your debt!

<3 <3
Tooooooushi =^.^=
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Toushi Toushi
11 December 2007 @ 01:48 pm
I know it's been a long time since I posted here, so I thought I'd bring something festive to share...

Shini Bells!!
(to the tune of Jingle Bells... good luck if you can get it to fit. I can, but I'm weird like that)

Ichigo's so hot
From his hair right to his feet
Count the battles he's fought
His skills are freak'n 1337
He's got a mod soul toy
Who pervs on girls all day
And a Shinigami who's flat like a boy
What's a guy like him to say?

Oh! Ichigo, Ichigo
Why are you so cool?
You're afraid of girly boobies and always skip your school
Oh! Ichigo, Ichigo
You do your job so well,
Screw taking Rukia's place, I'd rather be your Nell!

Ishida's got flare
And true he's really fine
It's easy to forget he cares
He's got skills of the Quincy kind.
His father hates his choice
To help others in great need
But he really has a lot to rejoice
Ishida returned to follow his lead!

Oh! Ishida, Ishida
You're a fool you know
Giving up your friends for new skills with your bow
Oh! Ishida, Ishida
I want to marry you
You found a loop hole in the deal for you to walk right through

Rukia is quite small
and a Shinigami house/school mate
She was pwned by a filler doll
To which I really hate
She's got spunk and the 'tude
Shops in mags for skirts and shoes
But when it really matters
She shanks with ice and shatters

Oh! Rukia, Rukia
I wish you did Bankai
You've got sweet moves to use and a harem of hot guys
Oh! Rukia, Rukia
Your brother is so cool
But he wanted everyone to kill you so therefore he's a fool

Now Orihime's sweet
With a tomboy for a friend
She buys weird things to eat
To which she will defend.
On Ichigo she crushes
And to protect him she always rushes
But when it comes to fighting
It's all just flashly lighting

Oh! Inoue, Inoue
I'm sorry you're so weak
Take a page from Ichigo and give a little cheek!
Oh! Inoue, Inoue
You're in quite the jam
I say let Ichigo have Rukia because Aizen's twice the man!

What can I say? Sato... well, is Sato. I regret not being able to think anything up for him since all he really does is stand around and punch the SHIT out of things. I love him, but there's not much to go on. :)

I have an Orihime AMV that's nearly done btw. I'm very happy with it. The song is SO her, and I really think there aren't enough character driven videos out there. They're all fighting stuff! :P
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Toushi Toushi
01 October 2007 @ 07:46 pm
Oh my gosh how long has it been since I last updated?


I'm a horrible horrible person!

But hey here I am! And the good but not quite planned out news is that I'm plotting out a fanfic that will hopefully turn into a series. The not so planned out part is that it's not Bleach. It's Inu-Yasha. Ah! I know! I'm very fickle and can't keep my mind on an obsession more than a few minutes, but I've been catching up on all the episodes I missed/haven't seen (which is a good portion of three seasons) and I got in the mood to write something. The actual inspiration comes from Ep132 (at least I think that's the right number) where something very very good transpires between Miroku and Sango. But again, the surprising part is that it's NOT about them. It's going to be Inuyasha and Kagome because I'm eternally in love with them.

What about Bleach? I have vid projects in pre-production on a few different songs. One that I want to do sooner than later is sitting on a front burner, but I need to get around to downloading all the episodes required. I found a site that hosts them and they're all raw and I've already got a good 4 or 5, but yeah... there's that problem with me being flaky and easily distracted *coff*Inu-Yasha fanfic*coff*

But as for Bleach in general... it's getting great! We're finally out of filler (again!) and the ending of last week's episode was stellar awesome! I screencapped the final pic of all those lovely eyes and made it into a wallpaper for my roommate (I'm also using it on my laptop for the moment). I'm humming from the excitement of waiting for this Wednesday's!
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Toushi Toushi
13 June 2007 @ 10:25 am
Random thought. Made me pause and go 'huh'.

Rukia walks through Ichigo's wall in the first episode. Do we ever see that happen again? Is that normal? A fluke? Was she wearing some super sekrit wall-walking sandles?

'Cuz if memory serves me right, Ichigo is thrown at more than a handful of walls in his time as a substitute Shinigami and they always break his fall.

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Toushi Toushi
12 June 2007 @ 11:35 am
Is it strange that I went to fanfiction.net hoping to find a fanfic where Ichigo and Kon bond? Is it stranger that I was more than just a little disappointed they don't have Kon's name under the character search list? *sigh* What can I say? I love that furry little guy. He's on my top 5 list of favourite characters in Bleach!

I'll keep poking around, but atm I seem to be out of luck in the Ichigo/Kon bonding department. How hard is it to accept the complete and utter cute? I think if they sat down they'd get along quite nicely (that is if Kon strays away from topics about 'sweet valleys' and his neesan Rukia).

I've been cruising YouTube to find good Bleach vids for the past few weeks and the latest ones really knocked me off my feet. I figured I'd drop the links just in case someone was interested. I swear they are amazing!

Condemned - A Soul Society video. Truly amazing. The lyrics make me think the artist wrote his song about the show.
So Fortunate - The one and only Isshin video I've come across that made me cry. It's about how proud he is of his son, and how much like his mother Ichigo really is. *sob*
Mr. Lonely Kon - A really bittersweet music video about Kon's quest for finding someone special to love him.

Kon sure doesn't get enough love. Sure he's one big hentai, but he's also a sweet heart (a cuddly one at that!) who cares about those closest to him. If anyone knows where I can find a big dose of Kon appreciation, let me know! Domo arigato gozaimasu!

And in that I conclude that I need a butt-load of Kon icons.
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Toushi Toushi
Title: Sharing
Rated for: Subtext
Anime: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Renji/....Rukia???
Summary: Late at night something wakes Rukia up. What the hell is going on?

'This has got to be the strangest idea you've ever had.'Collapse )
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Toushi Toushi
29 May 2007 @ 05:45 pm
I know it's not really anime-related but I wanted to pimp two Heroes fanvids I made (one by just me and the second with the created co-effort of my roomie). They're in this post over at my tv-fandom journal.

And completely fandom related.... I still can't decide on Ichi/Ruki or Ichi/Ren. WAH. My bunnies are killing me! I want to write for the show but they wont tell me which they'd prefer! Poor Ichigo is in a tug-o-war so-to-speak with the two of them. The argument sounds much like this...

Ichigo Itai! Itaiiii! What are you guys doing??
Renji Ne Ichigo, you're coming with me.
Rukia Oi Renji! Hands off! I'm his canon Shinigami-master, if anyone is going to be paired with Ichigo, it would make sense that I am!
Renji Oh???? Well in the filler episodes I get tackled to the floor and Ichigo orders me to 'take it off'. Hence I've made it further than you to second base.
Ichigo I don't know if that's what I meant by...
Rukia Filler episodes don't count, baka.
Renji Yes they do! And don't call me baka. Baka.
Rukia I sleep in Ichigo's closet!
Ichigo What's that have to do with-
Renji I've straddled him in bed!
Rukia Filler episode!
Renji They SO count!
Rukia I've cradled his head in my lap when he was injured!
Ichigo *blush* You what???
Renji I've let him play with my bankai.
Ichigo o_o
Rukia ...
Renji *smirk*
Rukia I'm not going to dignify that with an answer.
Renji *preening* Then I win?
Rukia He saved my life twice. And he beat your ass more than that.
Renji Key word. Ass.
Rukia Oi that's disgusting.
Renji It's all a matter of opinion. You know lots of fangirls like Ichi/Ren.
Rukia If I remember correctly, baka, a lot of fangirls like Ichi/Ruki too.
Ichigo Oi... Guys, my arms are getting sore.

And the fight rages on. >>
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Toushi Toushi
24 May 2007 @ 01:32 pm
I've read up to Volume 236 of Bleach now. It was SO HARD TO STOP. Yup. I'm weak. And not too upset about it really. 'Cuz the manga may hurt my eyes when there's fight scenes, but finding out what the heck is going to happen is SO worth it. *happy sigh* Manga wa ii wai yo! I don't want to read too far ahead though. Just enough to get a small fix. I'd rather be surprised when I watch the new episodes.

I am this close to writing a fanfic. The problem is there's a 50/50 chance it'll either be Ichi/Ruki or Ichi/Ren. *facepalm* Please save me from my desperate need for anime/manga shounen-ai. I think Ichi/Ruki is the cutest most powerful pairing ever, but Ichi/Ren makes me laugh and roll around like a fangirl. That scene comes to mind in one of the filler episodes where Ichigo tackles Renji to the floor and tells him to "Take it all off!" Ichigo is a big dork and I love him so very much. I have it saved on my YouTube account. Yup. Baka de na? *nods slowly*

I better skip away now and pretend this never happened. Until I crave more Bleach. Then... I may not be able to stop myself.
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Toushi Toushi
24 May 2007 @ 06:31 am
The new episode of Bleach was preemted by BASEBALL. *facepalm* That news is very sad to me. I'm supposing that means the new one wont be up until next week?
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Toushi Toushi
18 May 2007 @ 10:57 am
I tell you, there is nothing more inspiring than reading an army of memes posted by Bleach fans. It's insane! There are so many awsome people. I've been poking around it for the last half hour while slurping ramen, and man. What a wide variety of fans! There is a lot of Shinji love going around. Shinji and Ulquiorra and Gin too! Oh you guys and your badboy love'n. ^_~

I've got plans to decorate my userinfo. It's just too drab. It needs pretty pictures of all my favourite Bleach characters! Oh and a cap of my favourite moment of ALL TIME.

I noticed a lot of fans read the mangas for Bleach too. I don't. Not yet anyway. I picked up a volume at the bookstore once and thumbed through it to the point where Ichigo rescues Rukia from her execution. The art is identical between the anime and manga. The only problem I had with the book was that the way it's drawn makes following the action damn near impossible. And believe me. I've read my share of action oriented mangas. I stared at a page for two minutes trying to figure out which streak and squiggly line was Ichigo and which was Byakuya. I figured afterward that my brain wouldn't be able to handle the careful training required to decipher. Hence, I'm watching the anime and steering clear of something that is probably even better.

For instance, I know the whole Bountou incident was a filler that didn't even exist in the manga, and that alone annoys me because it made me angry at Ishida! I mean, before the Bountou he was hansumu and dai kirei. But then he interrupted Ichigo's Bankai. *shakes head sadly* It is very hard for anyone to gain my forgiveness when that happens. We all know what happened to Ichinose. I gave Kariya permission to PWN his ass. *nods slowly*

{{I'm not insane. I swear!}}

I wonder what else has been changed between the manga and anime series. It makes it almost worth the effort to read.
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Toushi Toushi
17 May 2007 @ 11:21 pm
There's nothing quite as entertaining as a night of Bleach with my tomodachi! We watched the version I downloaded (arigato gozaimasu goldie) this morning. Good times, good times. Sadly Ishida doesn't have the crowd he used to. He just hasn't been on my good side since he interrupted Ichigo's fight with filler-episode Kariya. I have never forgiven him for that. The Bankai should never be interrupted. *nods many times*

I was also amused to no end that my tomodachi Dan had to hear it from me that there was a new episode up. He's been watching this show religiously for nearly a year. THEN to top it all off he called me four hours later to ask me where I found a copy since his regular site hadn't uploaded it yet. I introduced him to torrents. Honestly. I get caught up and only poke around for two minutes and find a new episode at random. What's that say about him? ^_~

I've tidied up my layout too! It's now been Bleachified. There are chappy chappy everywhere, new userpics and a very bright banner at the top! Yatta!! I feel so accomplished!
Soon very soon I will stick a fanfic up here. I have two pairs I wouldn't mind writing. Hm. Okay make that two and a half. I like Ichigo/Rukia and Toushiro/Matsumoto with a very small side helping of Renji/Matsumoto. Then the other pairings that I would never be able to approach but not-so-secretly fangirl over... Uruhara/Yoruichi, Ishida/Orihime and maybe perhaps some Soi Fon/Yoruichi because their relationship is SO KIREI. *throws hearts and confetti*

So there's a bit more I thought I'd share. It's been such a long time since I submerged myself in anime. It's about time I get back to it, ne?

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Toushi Toushi
17 May 2007 @ 12:14 am
I was browsing through several LJ comms goldiepointed out tonight, and noticed they had several things up about episode 126! I checked my usual websites for download but there wasn't anything there, nor did I find any subtitled episodes on YouTube (only Raw). I did however find a link to a fansite in the summary to one of the Raw versions, and lo and behold it sure pays to poke around! I found 126 subtitled! *does a dance of joy*

Now if only they'd get around to posting... ooooh I don't know. TWENTY NEW EPISODES AT ONCE. Heh, I know... that's really wishful thinking. But a girl can't help it sometimes. Especially since they tease so very much! ;_;

12:19 tells me that I have to be up in 6 hours. I better high-tail it out of here and save my fangirling for more appropriate times of the day. Just wanted to drop a squee. ^_^
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Toushi Toushi
Ne ne! This is my first post in my anime-centric livejournal! I've hopped on over here to spare my regular flist (who knows nothing of anime or the insanity there-in) from my Bleach fangirling!

I've seen up to 126 subtitled thanks to my very devoted tomodachi and now I've gotta wait for the next episodes to come out! Oi! They just kept encouraging me to watch more and more and I was trying to hold back... demo, my obsession finally overtook logic and my viewing schedule spiraled out of control!

Hitsugaya Toushirou is probably my favourite Shinigami Captain, though overall he's not my favourite character (gomen Shiro-chan! I still love you!!). That would have to be Kurosaki Ichigo. Bankai for the win!

I plan on making a lot of Bleach-centric icons, so if that's your bag of doggie biscuits, stick around or pop back in here soon! While I'm doing that I'll most likely do a big overhaul on my layout and get a pretty banner up. Who knows, if I'm crazy enough I'll probably buy a few months time so I can add more userpics and have more control over the customization!

Like I said, this is my anime journal. If you're interested in my regular fandomy blog you should go check it out over at tallisen!

PS. If you happen to see me use random Japanese words interlaced with my usual conversation, don't worry...it's not an accident per se. You see, watching Bleach makes me want to exercise my three years worth of Japanese Language class. If you don't know what they mean, you can probably guess from how I put them to use. If it hurts your brain, just move on and forget you ever saw them. ^_~
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